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Generator Wattage Information

The following chart is provided to assist you in determining how many items your generator can operate at one time.

Typical Wattage Requirement Chart*
Running Watts
Aquarium 50-1210
Clock Radio 10
Coffee Maker 900-1200
Clothes Washer 350-500
Clothes Dryer 1800-5000
Personal Computer 270
Ceiling Fan 65-175
Hair Dryer 1200-1875
Heater (portable) 750-1500
Light Bulb (100 watt) 100
Microwave Oven 750-1100
Radio 70-400
Refrigerator (16 cubic feet) 725
Television (19") 65-110
These tips are not intended as a substitute for the owner's manual and/or operating instructions of the generator manufacturer. Entergy is in no way responsible for and assumes no liability for injury or damage arising from the use of portable electric generators.
*Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Never use a generator indoors — carbon monoxide from the exhaust is deadly.

  • Do not plug the generator into a wall outlet.
  • Use a licensed electrician to hook up standby electrical systems.
  • Main breakers should be opened to avoid feeding power back into Entergy’s lines and creating a hazard for the public and power line workers.
  • To prevent overloading your generator, add up the total wattage of all loads to be connected to the unit at one time. This total should not be greater than the unit’s rated wattage capacity. Allow 2 1/2 times the listed wattage for starting the indicated equipment.
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