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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Entergy Mississippi continues to monitor Tropical Storm Nate which is forecast to make landfall just south of New Orleans as a category 2 Hurricane, late tonight, Saturday, October 7.  It is then expected to continue northeast, then making final landfall near Gulfport, MS very early Sunday morning, again as a category 2 hurricane with max winds of 100 mph. Nate is expected to then accelerate to the northeast while rapidly decreasing in intensity after making landfall. The heaviest rainfall, most of the strong winds and heavy squalls are expected to be east of New Orleans, across southern Mississippi and Alabama.

We follow a very detailed, rehearsed plan to quickly respond to outages that has worked well for us during past storms. We will continue monitoring Nates forecast to anticipate workload and potential problems the storm may bring.

Entergy Mississippi workers are prepared and ready along with an additional requested 100 non-Entergy line workers and 24 damage assessment teams to arrive in central MS this evening October 7.  We are also moving resources from north MS to stage in central MS.  We are ready to restore power. Once the storm passes and we are able to fully assess any damage incurred, we will have more information to share.

In addition, the restoration process can also be hampered by the surge of instantaneous electrical demand from appliances (air conditioning units, water heaters, etc.) when service is restored, potentially overloading protective devices on the electrical system. To make this less of a problem, Entergy Mississippi asks that, if you lose power, turn any electrical air conditioning units or electrical appliances that can easily be turned off to the off position until power is restored.

As with any weather event, please be mindful of the following safety tips:

  • Live wires can be deadly. Stay away from downed power lines. Call 1 800 9OUTAGE or 1 800 968 8243 to report downed or dangling power lines, poles or other damaged equipment.
  • Do not trim trees or remove debris on or near downed power lines. Only power company crews or their contractors should trim and/or remove trees or limbs touching power lines.
  • Keep away from the immediate areas where crews are working. There is always the danger of moving equipment and the possibility of construction materials or limbs or overhead wires falling to the ground.
  • If you plan on using a generator for temporary power, get a licensed electrician and disconnect from the utility electric system before hooking it up to your home’s main electric panel.
  • Do not run a generator in a confined space without adequate ventilation.
  • Try to stay off the roads. More traffic in bad weather leads to more accidents, including more injuries and fatalities as well as accidents that can damage electrical poles and other equipment, creating outages and impeding the ability of crews to access and repair damage and slowing restoration.
We want to keep you informed and in control so here is the best way to get information about outages in addition to the View Outage application:


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