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Customers Urged to Finalize Preparations

Saturday, October 07, 2017

While forecasts for Hurricane Nate have changed, Entergy continues to take the storm seriously and is finalizing preparations as it rapidly approaches the Gulf Coast. We urge residents and customers to be prepared as well. 

Make your last-minute preparations by checking for and securing objects that could cause damage if blown by high winds. If evacuating, prepare your home by turning off your electricity (at the main fuse or breaker) and your water (at the main valve) and make sure you have basic emergency and first aid supplies.

Nate, a Category 1 hurricane, is expected to make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane southeast of New Orleans tonight. Forecasters expect the storm to continue on a northeast path, making final landfall near Gulfport, Miss.

Major storms can create problems for an electric system and make for hazardous driving conditions. Keep in mind: it may take seven days following landfall before power is restored to 90 percent of our customers. Weather forecasts and computer models based on knowledge from past storms are used to predict the estimated number of customers without power and the number of days needed to restore power.

There are nearly 1,800 workers ready to restore power in Louisiana, some coming from sister companies in Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas. We have patrolled our transmission lines in Plaquemines Parish, secured high-water vehicles to move personnel if necessary, and secured additional transmission line and tree-trimming resources.

Once the storm passes and we are able to fully assess the damage, we will have more information to share. Customers should visit the entergystormcenter.com website for planning tools that can help guide them in making decisions.  

Just as important to Entergy as restoring power is the ability to keep customers informed. Entergy does this in a number of ways:

– A free app is available for iPhone or Android at com. Customers can use the app to report outages or check on the status of power at their homes or businesses.

– Entergy’s View Outages website includes maps that show where outages are located and gives information about restoration progress.

– Customers can send and receive text messages about storm and restoration efforts. Signing up is easy: simply text REG to 368374.

– The Entergy Storm Center website has storm safety, preparation, restoration and other information that is regularly updated.

Social media plays an important role in keeping customers informed, and Entergy places a high priority on keeping social media sites updated throughout a major event. Follow Entergy Louisiana on Twitter at @EntergyLA and on Facebook at facebook.com/EntergyLA and Entergy New Orleans at @EntergyNOLA and on Facebook at facebook.com/EntergyNOLA.


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