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Since Yesterday Morning, We Restored More Than 20,000 Texas Customers

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Since yesterday morning, we restored more than 20,000 Texas customers, leaving nearly 25,000 still without power of the 192,000 affected by the storm. Many customers have seen multiple outages that we have restored.

During the many days Harvey lingered over Entergy’s service territory, a total of 345,219 customers were affected by the storm.

Over 2,400 workers continue to safely restore power as quickly as possible, but flooding is significantly impacting Entergy’s ability to restore power to customers in some areas, and flooding is expected to continue for several days.

We expect that approximately 8,000 additional customers will be restored by end of day Monday. These are customers whose service is not sourced from substations that experienced major flooding.

For the remaining 16,800 customers, we estimate that it could take up to 10 days before these customers are fully restored, as long as they can take power. These customers are served either by substation equipment that was heavily-damaged by flood waters, some of which are still flooded, or are still currently inaccessible due to high water.

Details about Texas substation outages:

Historic flooding caused by Harvey is a major hurdle as we work to restore service. Many areas across southeast Texas are inaccessible due flooding which makes it a challenge to quickly and safely restore power.

At this time, 17 substations are affected by water. Of those, five are significantly affected, where extensive damage may have occurred. As we move forward, the flood damage to these five substations will cause outages for thousands of customers, continuing until we can make repairs or otherwise mitigate flood effects.

As a temporary solution to restore power where possible, we have been re-routing customers’ electricity.

As the water subsides, we are bringing in mobile substations to serve each community that has received the most damage to their substation while we begin to repair and rebuild. Mobile substations are being sourced from Entergy Mississippi, Entergy Louisiana, Oncor and Cleco.


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